Building on the success of past competitions, the International Game Developers Association (IGDA) Malta Chapter has taken it upon itself to organise GameZing 2014. From this year, GameZing will be introducing award categories and participation will be open to individuals, groups and organisations, both professional and semi-professional/independent. Through this, GameZing hopes to encourage and promote the development of quality digital games in Malta whilst highlighting the versatility and potential of Malta's creative games industry.


The idea is to create a small range of categories allowing teams to compete, without discouraging anyone or barring teams from participating. Projects may only compete in ONE category of the developers choice.
  • Best Educational Game - Any type of game created in Malta with the intent to transfer knowledge, experiment in design or mechanics.
  • Best Popular Game - A Maltese game which is well received and covered in the media by several publications or reviews, both locally and abroad.
  • Best Independent Game - Games developed and produced by small teams of Maltese developers, individual coders and artists, or students.